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Engineer for basement renovation

Does anyone have any recommendations for an engineer or engineering firm to draw up plans for a basement renovation I’m doing in Mt Pleasant? I’m planning on renovating my basement to make it a legal rental unit to include separated electricity, gas, HVAC and if possible, plumbing. The project will likely involve excavation, possibly underpinning as well.
The other threads on basement renovations have been very helpful, thanks!

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I believe you’ll actually need an architect primarily, with a structural engineer to consult and stamp any structural drawings.  I recommend Paul Wilson (Architect) and Robert Wixson (Structural engineer – APAC Engineering).  I used them both for a gut renovation/addition project on my Petworth rowhouse and I plan to consult them both when I do my basement renovation.  I’d be interested in talking to you further if you end up underpinning (I have gotten one bid to underpin and dig down approximately 14″ and I’m currently evaluating my options).

You may only need a structural engineer ($1200), and not an architect($2500+), which could you save you some money.  A good structural engineer can draw up the plan views for the floorplan along with the elevation views for the foundation and stamp them.  If you’re the home owner, the DCRA home center will help you figure out what you need.  I drew up the electrical and plumbing for my work, using a couple of books I bought from home depot.  It’s rather easy.  You may just need a licensed electrician and plumber to do the work.  You’ll probably need a structural engineer for the underpinning anyway, b/c I don’t know any architects who can stamp that type of work.  I could be wrong though… my wife tells me it happens.  I think otherwise.  Good luck!!

I just finished a basement conversion for my house. I used an excellent architect (Jason Grant with Emotive Architecture) to draw up the plans and a structural engineer (Atlas Foundation) to do test digs to determine if underpinning would be necessary. Atlas worked with my architect to come up with a creative way to avoid underpinning and developed the structural drawings. The process was so easy and seamless that I was able to get my building permit with only 2 trips to DCRA. I also used a great contractor to do the basement renovation (and kitchen remodel and master bath addition – Glen Sperling with Harmony Remodeling) and my architect has remained engaged throughout the entire process. Another plus for hiring an architect.

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