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I’ve having issues with the smoke dectectors in my house.  They have been chirping non-stop for three days.  I have changed the batteries, I bought new units alltogether and replaced them, yet still they chirp.  I suspect there is a problem with the wiring. 
I need someone to come out tonight if possible (I also haven’t been able to sleep in three days because of this).  Anyone have any suggestions?

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If they’re electric (as opposed to battery-only) smoke detectors, you should be able to remove them completely (DISCLAIMER:  this is NOT safe) overnight, so you can at least sleep until you can get an electrician in.
I can’t remember whether smoke detector outlet-things that are meant for electric-plus-battery detectors will also accommodate battery-only detectors.  If they do, that might be a cheaper way to resolve the problem than having an electrician come to look at the wiring.

As far as a specific recommendation:  I don’t know their hours, but I used (and was mostly satisfied with) Kolb Electric:  http://www.kolbelectric.com 


Check the breaker in the basement to see if its tripped – I think many of them chirp when they’re running on battery power.


specific recommendation — Walt Meyer electrical.  Awesome outfit

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