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Topic: Early morning music at 10th and U

Announcements September 24, 2012 at 11:02 am

Early morning music at 10th and U

I was wondering if anyone has noticed/minded the music that is being played every weekday morning at Shaw Middle School? It starts around 8:10 and plays (very loudly) for a half hour. Just curious if anyone else has noticed this and what people think. 

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Strange. I live one block parallel from that school and always leave for work at that time and I haven’t heard anything.

Yeah, we’re across the st. It’s pretty common for elementary/middle schools/summer camps as a ‘wake kids up, get them excited/energetic for the school day as they come in’ kind of thing. Not the most soothing wakeup, but if it helps these kids get excited for their schoolday, definitely all for it. 
Plus saves us from having to put on Rihanna ourselves every morning while making breakfast, huuuuuge time saver.

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