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Business January 23, 2013 at 1:53 pm

Duo dry cleaners on 14th

I recently had a bad experience with Duo dry cleaners on 14th and its owner Sasha. I purchased a new tuxedo shirt (that wasn’t cheap) for inauguration and brought it to Duo to be dry cleaned. It was to be ready the same day. I went in the following morning to pick it up in time to wear to weekend festivities. Sasha, the owner, searched the racks for the shirt but said he couldn’t find it and would call me to let me know the status as soon as he figured out what happened. By end of day, the only explanation he had was that it was given to someone else and he was trying to figure out who had it. He expressed little sympathy for the fact that I was now without a tux shirt for the weekend and I would now have to go out a find a shirt at the last minute. Sasha never called again. Today I called him to let him know that had to purchase a shirt (the same shirt) and that I expected the store to reimburse me for that expense. He laughed and even accused me of “probably getting the most expensive shirt I could find and gouging a small business in the process”. I admit the cost of the shirt as compared to the price of having it dry cleaned isn’t at the same level. But, this was a huge inconvenience and a significant cost to me. I try to support business in the neighborhood but I won’t be supporting this one any more. I’m wondering if anyone here has had any similar experiences with this business and whether my expectation of them was unreasonable given the circumstances.

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Well, I know of one person who had an experience like this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pearson_v._Chung .

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