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Shopping August 2, 2012 at 12:28 pm

Dry Cleaning that doesn’t stink?

At least once a year I take something to be dry cleaned and it is returned stinking. It’s happened at dry cleaners in Arlington, on Capitol Hill, and now Mt. Pleasant. I’ve been told variously that the problem is caused by “dirty water” or “too much solvent.” Follow up dry cleaning doesn’t get rid of the smell. 
What I really want is to be able to get clothes cleaned without worrying they’ll smell for the next 9 months.
Any special dry cleaning method that avoids this problem? Any dry cleaner who has reliably (over a long period of time) managed to clean your clothes without making them stink? Thanks!

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I used U Street organic cleaners at 16th and U for years without having this problem.  I used Petworth Cleaners now on Georgia Ave and don’t have this problem either.


Which one in Mount Pleasant? I’ve been going to the one on the corner of Mount Pleasant and Lamont for I think 6 years and that has never happened. They also do a great job with minor alterations (pants hemmed etc).

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