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Other March 27, 2012 at 2:24 pm

DPWs free shredding service… anyone use it?


Hey, has anyone used this service over at Fort Totten? I want to shred some stuff and while it’s free and convenient to head over there, I don’t know that I trust DPW employees (or, really, anyone) with stuff I want shredded. I know they have mobile shredding trucks for it (at least that’s what I sussed out poking around online), but what’s the process? Do you hand off your stuff and leave? Or do you get to see it dumped in and shredded? Or are there some sort of secure boxes things get put in? I’m curious to find out before I haul anything over there, so I thought I’d ask. I don’t want to assume anything since, once again, it’s DC, and sometimes DC does some crazy stuff.
Thanks for any info anyone has! I found out a lot of the basics of the operation (ie when and how much you can take, etc) online but nothing to assure me the process is secure in any way.

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You stand there and watch. I had them shred thousands of pages. It was great.

Yes, you can watch.  It’s free and easy.  DC does do some things right.  The only pitfall I have encountered was when I went  once in the late afternoon and the truck had filled and left already.  So, I go in the morning now. 


Thanks! This is what I was hoping to hear.


Be sure to take your drivers license to prove you live in DC. The people that do the shredding are surprisingly very nice.

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