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Governement and Politics June 13, 2016 at 12:54 pm

DPW tickets

We recently moved from Mt Pleasant to Woodley. Since we recently moved, we have a lot of boxes. We got a ticket from DPW because some of our cardboard boxes of packing material, both from our stuff and from things like new furniture, were stacked on top of or next to our Supercan (there is, of course, much more than will fit in the can). Leaving aside the fact that the ticket comes certified mail, signature required, and can only be picked up between 10 and 5 at the Post Office (seriously?), the ticket appears to claim that cardboard boxes stacked next to a can in the alley are a “fire hazard.” (The alternative is that they attract vermin, but I don’t think they eat styrofoam.) Any experience with fighting tickets like this? Unpacking and furnishing a house is a process, and we’re not going to have a Supercan’s worth of garbage for some time to come.


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