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General Discussion April 18, 2014 at 2:30 pm

Doodie In The Garden

OK…I’m not even sure how to describe what’s going on here.

We have a lot of feral cats in our corner of Petworth. So I’m used to digging up cat poop in our garden. (Not enough ground cover, too much mulch for the cats to resist.) But three days ago something new turned up: A king-sized doodie! There is no way this came from a cat. It was too large and there was no attempt to bury it. So I dutifully scooped up this uber-turd and got rid of it, and the next day…another. And then…another, on the third day!

Now our back gate is not locked–doesn’t even have one, but up until now, we’ve never seen anyone try to get into our garden, and our neighbors are very vigilant. So this had to have happened overnight. I thought perhaps someone was letting their dog into our backyard to do their business, but the Frogette took one look at this and said, “That’s a person. EEEWWWWW!” (You might ask how we know this, but if you’ve lived in San Francisco for any length time, you’d get it.)

So my question for the forum? Has this happened to anyone else? Ever heard of anything like this? Besides putting a lock and chain on our gate…anything else we can/should do?

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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I have no words.

For a while around 2004, someone was taking dumps on paper plates and then putting the plates and the dump in our garbage can, which sits in the front of our row house condo in CH. For a while, my condomates and I just assumed our garbage smelled really, really bad, particularly in the summer, but then I decided to wash the can out and discovered that it was human waste.

Why would someone go to the trouble of pooping on a paper plate – and then put it in the same garbage can over and over? It’s a head scratcher. It finally ended when we replaced the wood fence, which provided privacy, with a metal fence that provided zero visual privacy. Maybe that was it, or maybe the person moved on to another pooping ritual.


I read this post a few weeks ago and thought, “man, that’s awful.”

Then, last week it happened to us. The night of that major thunderstorm around May 1st, or a little bit before.

Someone doodled at the entrance to our english basement.

Our cleaning lady took care of it and did an amazing job. Now, we have put our trash cans up across the entrance to the basement. So far, no one has been back, but we will remain vigilant. If it becomes an issue, we’ll have to set up a gate or something.

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