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Donating Clothes in Columbia Heights

Does anyone know of a good place to donate (gently) used clothes in Columbia Heights (or at least walking distance)?  I know Martha’s Kitchen on 14th has odd hours and are particular about what you donate.  Was looking for a goodwill type place where I can just drop off a bag or two of clothing.Thank you!

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There are yellow bins for clothing donations, in some parking lots around the neighborhood … don’t recall where, but if I remember I’ll re-post. 
But this may be even easier: does a monthly pickup run throughout DC — which day depends on where you live. If you have something for them to pick up, you let them know via phone or email, and just leave it in boxes labeled Purple Heart at your front door by 7am on pickup day. They collect it all and leave you a receipt. Their site has more info on what they’ll take, but it includes clothing, household appliances, etc.
For contact info, to call for their schedule: 
What they accept: 

Call Hermano Pedro on Park Rd, its a homeless shelter and they may need donations

Just got the monthly flyer in our mail today: You can go to to schedule a pickup. 

It totally depend location where you live . Internet is best medium to search clothes in Columbia Heights.

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