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General Discussion March 2, 2016 at 10:35 am

Dog walker recs in Logan Circle?

I think it’s been a while since PoPville has discussed good dog walkers.

My fiance and I have staggered schedules, so on normal work days we don’t need a dog walker. But if one of us is out of town, or we have an early evening commitment, it would be great to have someone who can walk our pup.

Can anyone recommend a good dog walker who works in the Logan Circle area?

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Claudio Cuna is great. Give him a call. Here is the website:

Claudio Cuna

We are looking for something similar. Ended up with a neighbor.

I’m not sure how the prices compare, but we have had good luck with Dog Vacay. You can do overnight stays if you go out of town or have someone come by and walk your dog during the day. There are a ton of people to choose from based on your neighborhood and reviews are all on the app.

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