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On my way back to the office today I witnessed an orange dog (approx 60 pounds) get hit by a car (on 13th Street, NW between S and T).  Myself and another witnessed tried to catch the dog, but to no avail.  The dogs back legs are injured for sure (even though he or she  was quick) I think once the adrenaline wears off the dog will certainly need some medical attention.  I am writing to let you know, in case someone is missing a dog of this description.  Also the person who hit the dog stopped for a second, but then left and I have the vehicle info and license plate.  I also spoke to a vet tech at City Paws (right around the corner from the incident who called animal control for me.  If this is someone’s dog please contact me!

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And sorry for all the crazy typos.  I didn’t proof because I was trying to get the info up fast. 

As someone whose dog got loose after being hit by a car thank you for taking the time to post and report it to City Paws.  Posting to Craigslist may also be beneficial; people who saw her get hit checked there and updated us as to where she was last seen. Thankfully, we did end up finding her the next day.

This is our dog, she’s a chow mix, reddish/orange. Lost near S and 12th. My wife is looking for her in that area right now.

Please keep us updated ustreetcitizen!  Thoughts are with you!

Also, very cool of you for posting this. Thanks for being so thoughtful.

Thank you md, you are SO thoughtful and so helpful. I really appreciate all the care and time you have given and for calling us as well. Thank you so much!
We are still looking. She has her tags, including one for CityPaws. So we are praying that when someone finds her they will contact CityPaws asap. Her name is Roxy.

We’re still looking for her and checking in here from time to time, if anyone sees her. 

Just to keep everyone updated: we found her at an apartment building nearby. Thank you all for your help!

She’s coming along very well. Her back hip was dislocated and she has some bad abrasions on her stomach. But the good people of Friendship Heights Animal Hospital and wonderful follow-up by City Paws staff have her on the mend. Thank you for your concern.

That’s so great to hear!!!  Make sure to give her extra kibbles and kisses for all the trauma she’s been through.

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