Does anyone know how to go about volunteering to walk dogs for shelters?

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Topic: Does anyone know how to go about volunteering to walk dogs for shelters?

Life and Society January 15, 2013 at 11:34 am

Does anyone know how to go about volunteering to walk dogs for shelters?

I was once having lunch on an outside patio on 17th in NW and a person walked by with a dog. We all wanted to pet the adorable dog so she came up to us and explained she was walking the dog for a shelter (I can’t remember which). She said all she does is go whenever she wants, like a beautiful Saturday morning, and gets a dog to walk around and then bring back. It’s great for the animals because they get exercise, love, and they wear a harness advertising them as available for adoption, so they get visibility… and it’s great for the walker because if you’re like me, you love dogs but can’t afford one right now, my apartment doesn’t allow them, and I’m afraid I don’t have enough time to properly care for one because of work + grad school.
Has anyone ever experieinced this? I called around and didn’t get far. I believe the SPCA has something similar but it seemed to require a LOT of paperwork and time committed.Thank you!

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You probably saw a dog from City Dogs Rescue, they are located near 18th and S Street:
You can volunteer there as a dog walker, but usually the spots fill up quickly.  I volunteered for dog walking slot, but then my work schedule changed and I had to cancel.  They didn’t have me go through any formal training, if I remember correctly.  I just had to fill out an application.
Or, uou can volunteer at the Washington Human Society, but you have to log a certain number of volunteer hours and go through a training on dog handling and safety before they let you take their dogs out for walks. 

Good luck!

Hey there,
My wife just started volunteering for WARL. She loves it. Once you have logged around 40 hours of volunteering, you can take dogs for walks. This is a terrific place, she is loving it. They ask for a minimum of 8 hours a month, which is 1 saturday, and two weeknights in a month, so super easy. Check out the website if you are interested.

You can sign up for dog walking shifts at City Dogs by going to the Volunteer/Foster tab on their website:  They use Volunteer Spot, but shifts do go very quickly (maybe within an hour or two of being posted).   They don’t ask for an additional time commitment although they certainly have lots of other volunteer opportunities.  I’m also a big fan and supporter of WHS and WARL, just less familiar with their volunteer opportunities.  Have fun!

Hi- I volunteer at the Washington Humane Society shelter on NY Ave NE. They also have one on Georgia Ave NW. You do have to sign up and go through a certain number of trainings and hours logged before you’re allowed to take the dogs out on your own, but it doesn’t take very long, probably just a few Saturdays if you’re committed and organized. Its definitely worth it though, now whenever I go I get to play with the doggies for as long as I like! 

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