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Do not entrust your dog to Little Rascals Dog Kennel at Georgia and Missouri!

Below I am copy and pasting my yelp review that tells in an expanded form what happened at Little Rascals. They are fucking evil, the dog in question is Simba (obviously),  a 5yo Rhodesian Ridgeback, and frequent visitor to the dog park at 11th and park, who quite nearly was lost forever by Little Rascals. Do not take your dog there, let anyone that has a dog know as well, fuck those assholes.
I cannot say this strongly enough, if you care about the well-being of your dog, DO NOT bring them to Little Rascals.

I will try and give my story as impartially as possible, but it is hard considering the woman who owns this place is one of the most awful people I’ve come across in my entire life.

I went out of town recently, entrusting my dog to Little Rascals, and under their “care” they managed to lose him for hours, somewhere in the area of Georgia AVE/Missouri AVE.

I was made aware of this by phone, where I was told that my dog had leapt out his kennel, scooted by the crack staff at LR, got out the door, and ran off into the chilly January morning.. They were unable to tell me how long he had been gone, what sort of efforts they were making to find him, only telling me that they had gone down to my apartment building and had people in the neighborhood looking for him. A couple hours go by, and finally my dog is found by the people at LR, again no explanation of how this happened…

Those are the details of the incident as given to me by Little Rascals.

Now, I was overjoyed they had found him, he is a wonderful dog, and he means the world to me. Still I was quite angry that Little Rascals had failed at the one real responsibility that they were tasked with… keeping my dog safe. I was mad, I wanted to scream and yell at them, but I figured lesson learned, i’ll get a full refund and never go back to Little Rascals again.


When my room mate picked him up 2 days later (I was not getting back into town til late, so my room mate picked him up) not only was I given a full bill (247 dollars), but they had also tacked on a late fee of 20ish bucks because my room mate didn’t pick him up til mid-afternoon, after the end of their regular daily pick up hours. I was in utter shock and disbelief. Little Rascals loses my dog, provides no refund, and charges me a late fee……

When I arrived home and found out about all this I was completely dumbfounded by their treatment of my dog and their totally disrespectful attitude toward me the owner and customer. Whats more, when inspecting my dog he was obviously quite traumatized, did not return with his dog collar, had double ear infections, with no explanation from Little Rascals on how any of these maladies came to be! Anyway, I emailed them straight away asking to come in and speak with the owner, we arranged a time for this weekend, and I met with the owner just a few hours ago, again I am in disbelief…

Not only was the woman unapologetic, she blamed what happened on my dog, saying how he wasn’t well trained, and emphasizing that in the contract you sign it does say there are risks associated with dog walking…. (Didn’t know this meant they could lose my F**KING DOG) Now first off, Little Rascals had initially told me that my dog leapt out of his crate and ran out of their building, I reminded the owner of this, and she dismissed the contradictory stories as not really being an issue…. She continued on in an incredibly rude manner, honestly taunting me and yelling at me, with total disregard to the fact that I was the customer, and she had f**king lost my dog. 

To make a long story somewhat shorter, this “conversation” was clearly devolving rapidly, and I just finally said I wanted a full refund, which she refused, continuing to insist the whole thing was my dog’s fault…. This essentially ended the negotiation, as I knew I was losing my cool, and I left Little Rascals with a few choice words for this woman.

My apologies for the rambling nature of this “review,” but Little Rascals failed on so many levels I wanted to get as many of the details down as possible. So, in sum, my experience at Little Rascals went like this:

1. Little Rascals lost my dog.
2. Little Rascals found my dog, but returned him to me with 2 ear  infections, no collar, severely traumatized.
3. Little Rascals provides no refund, charged me a late fee, no apology whatsoever. 
4. When I went in to talk to the owner she continued to lie and give contradictory stories about what happened, she yells at me, blames the whole incident on my dog, and refuses to provide a refund.

As a lifelong dog lover I implore you not to take your dog to Little Rascals, I was fortunate that my guy was found, next time it could be your dog, and you might not be as lucky.

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Considering the owners actions, I’d suggest filing a report to the BBB:

No surprise. The owner is an ass and the place did a rotten job of walking my dogs. After the first day of LR dogwalking, I called her to ask how it went and she snapped “OF COURSE IT WENT FINE, WHY ARE YOU ASKING?” as though I was accusing her of something. Pretty quickly I figured out that our “half-hour” dog walk was actually about 5 minutes. So I found another dog walker and haven’t looked back. But when I drive by that facility on Ga. Ave. I always wonder what bad things happen there. The owner is NOT a nice person and that is a really bad sign for a dog care facility.

So sorry for you and for Simba. That is one of my worst nightmares in life – one of my dogs getting lost. In fact, I have shied away from any dogwalkers now, and rely only on good friends to dog sit or a very reputable kennel out near Annapolis for boarding. An expensive option, but I know the dogs are safe.

Sorry you had to go through that. How scary. Glad Simba is (reasonably) okay.
We boarded our two there for the first–and last–time in mid-December. I was entirely unimpressed and really irritated at the attitude I received over the phone and in person. Had I had anywhere to go on short notice I would not have boarded them there. Whoever I spoke with on the phone was a downright bitch, snapping at me and everything. We were required for them to have an “interview” before they could be boarded and at no time did anyone mention there was a $30 fee per dog for this–not until we went to pick them up. In both dropping them off for the interview and for the weekend boarding no one ever spoke to our dogs, petted them, nothing, barely even spoke to me. In fact, all three people I dealt with there seemed stoned out of their minds and much more interested in texting and surfing the net than dealing with a customer–or her dogs. You know, their BUSINESS.They were rude, unaware, flippant, and entirely unprofessional.
Bottom line, we’ll never board our dogs there again. Sucks, because the location couldn’t be any more convenient, but I’ll drive an hour out of my way to make sure my dogs are treated properly.

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