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Real Estate September 22, 2016 at 9:56 am

Do not buy from Lock 7 Development

A followup from a posted topic a while back – I am a different buyer in the Brooks Row project from the one who posted before. I just wanted to confirm how awful it has been dealing with Lock 7. Spare me the generic “well you should expect delays with new construction” and “you should have protected yourself”. My wife and I were aware of all that and did everything we could, and it wasn’t close to enough. Here are the highlights.

1. Homesale contingency – we needed one in order to afford the mortgage. Lock 7 required us to have our house under contract by April 8th (because they were worried about us selling a one bedroom condo in Columbia Heights, which we managed to sell in 2 days on market). Their reasoning is that they were very confident in a mid-May delivery, so we got a 45-day rentback and had some family to stay with past that. We felt like covering ourselves into July (more than double their timeline) should be sufficient given that their 45-day-out timeline implies that construction is just about done and the project is being wrapped up.

2. Construction delays – You can’t even call it a delay, they have openly admitted that they just did not know the contractor was so far behind schedule in construction. They blindly believed UIP’s progress reports and had zero people in charge of contractor oversight and zero people checking on the site in person, all while making promises to buyers. When you say you are 45 days out, there shouldn’t be six months of construction left. This implies construction should be just about finished and you are focusing mostly on landscaping and getting ready for inspections.

3. Communication – they tell us now that they didn’t realize how far behind the project was until the summer. Still, we never got any communication to the effect of “Sorry, the project is behind schedule, it will be 3 more months.” No, we got about 8 or 9 different notices (one about every 3 weeks) that our project would be delayed a further three weeks, with no explanation as to why. After months of asking for answers on the source of delays and remaining timeline, Lock 7 finally put someone on the phone with us… someone who was not involved in the management of our project at all and could not answer any of our questions.

This communication issue has made finding temporary housing extremely difficult and stressful since their timeline updates kept us from being able to secure stable 90-day housing options. We have been living week-to-week (and only recently upgraded to month-to-month) since June 25th, and likely will have to do so until November. By the way, they have offered us almost nothing as a concession.

To sum up: Lock 7 is incompetent in the fields of project management, contractor oversight, and customer relations. Do not buy from them.


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