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Topic: Do DC cops enforce automobile window tinting laws?

Auto January 26, 2013 at 8:32 pm

Do DC cops enforce automobile window tinting laws?

I see a lot of cars with pretty dark windows, but the law barely allows any tint – 70% on front, 50% on the rest of the car, which is very light. I’m considering tinting my windows but I’d definitely want to go much darker. 
Anyone have any experience with this? 

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I can’t speak to whether the cops will stop you for excess tint, but we purchased a used car in VA that failed its inspection when we tried to register it in DC because the windows were tinted.  We had to pay to have the the tint removed and then get the car reinspected. 

When I was on grand jury duty several (8?) years ago, having tinted windows was certainly among the charges on some of the cases.  I don’t know if that means that the MPD regularly uses tinted windows as a reason to stop people.

OP, if you don’t mind my asking… why did you want to get your windows tinted?  (Just curious.)


It’s mainly a back-pocket law. If you drive a hoopty or look suspicious it causes you problems. If you drive a fairly expensive car and obey the law, it’s not a problem generally. I have had tints matching the privacy glass on the back of my (3 year old Infiniti G37) car and haven’t been pulled over since 1998.

I can tell you we absolutley do enforce tint laws. Chances are you won’t get pulled over with 50% tint, but if I can’t see in the windows, I’ll definetley stop the car. And if I stop you for something else, I’ll get out my tint meter. Its a minor fine at first — $50 — but if you don’t remove the tint, the next time you get stopped it’s $500 and we impound the car. Over-tinted windows are a huge safety issue for driving and for the police.

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