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Disputing a Hit and Run

I was accused of a hit and run so now am having to go through the process of disputing it.  There was a “witness” who gave my plate number etc. 
Honestly, I have no recollection of the supposed incident during an attempt to parallel park.  My schedule doesn’t coincide with my having been on that street and there are several discrepancies in the report but none that seem to disprove the witness.
I met with the Officer who is submitting the paperwork to the court which means I will either have to report for a trial, receive an arrest warrant (!) or it may even be thrown out (my hope). 
Has anyone been through this process and willing to offer advice.  My biggest concern is having a hit and run on an otherwise totally clean driving record (I have never even gotten a ticket!) and the guaranteed increase in my insurance.
Any suggestions, help, support?  I am too poor to be able to afford any fancy attorney let alone an increase in my insurance.  Though if  a lawyer is my only hope I may be able to beg/borrow to cover it.
Thanks POP community (:

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get an attorney.

Contact Cheryl Stein through http://www.cdstein.com/.  I’m sure any initial consultation would be free and you could decide where to go from there.  In any event, I agree with dat.

A few months ago, a woman accused me of hitting and running her car in traffic. She and a police officer were waiting for me when I got home. She agreed to drop the hit and run charge but  wanted me to pay for her damages (the police officer made us exchange information, even though I had no damage on my car and there was no witness). I decided to call my insurance company (Geico), because I was concerned it was a scam. They were super helpful, and conducted measurements on both cars that demonstrated that my car could not have caused the damage in question. They determined they would make no payments and if the woman continued to press the issue, that they would go to arbitration, but that there would be no fault ruled against me/my driving record. Not sure how much of this applies in your case, but perhaps it’s worth letting your insurance company know what’s up.

I never heard from the police despite the report having said they had contacted me.  The ironic part is that my insurance company called ME asking about the accident.  That’s how I found out I was accused weeks later!!!!

Maybe this is stating the obvious but is there anything that can place you elsewhere at the time of the incident? Credit card transaction, store receipt, doctor appointment, meeting with a client, etc? Sounds like you are saying you weren’t even there so if you can prove that it might settle things.

I’m on the other end of a similar situation:  my car was hit & run and the police won’t do anything about it, despite a witness who provided a license plate number and an admission to my insurance company (who is, coincidentally, the driver’s insurance company).  I just received a letter from MPD saying they were suspending the case due to “insufficient information” on the other vehicle.  WTF?  So judging by my experience, you probably have nothing to worry about.  In fact, the detective told me they usually don’t prosecute unless the damage is over a certain amount (he indicated several thousand dollars was the threshhold).

Follow up to my earlier comment, which might help you:  the officer explained to me the witness was unable to identify the driver.  Apparently, a license plate and make/model of the car is not enough to charge someone.  So in your case, unless the witness can say specifically it was you behind the wheel, there is no case.  (In my situation, the driver confessed to my insurance company, so I’m working that angle now.)

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