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Home and Garden January 18, 2012 at 4:37 pm

Disposing of old interior doors


Anyone know of a free way to dispose of old interior doors?  I cannot find it as a category for bulk collection on 311, so I’m curious if anyone has ideas.

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What kind are they and what shape are they in?
(I’m looking for the old 5 panel doors in decent shape.)

If they are in decent shape, try Community  Forklift.

I second Community Forklift if they are in decent shape. There is always a demand by DC homeowners to find vintage replacement doors. If they are two panel (with one larger panel over another) I am looking for one for a addition project.

I echo Community Forklift – for both giving things away and buying new things.  I think that they may even be able to do a pick up if you aren’t able to transport the doors.


Well, one of them was in decent shape if painted, but they’ve both been sitting outside for at least a month, and one has a pet door hole in it.  I don’t CF will take them.

Well, it’s worth asking CF. If not, craigslist or freecycle! 

If you’re a DC resident, and you feel they’re trash, you can take them to the Fort Totten transfer station to dump them.  Bring your ID . . . it’s required to dump for free.

Put them up for free on craigslist. I was stunned at the crap people will come take for free. I’ve been begged to “hold” stuff I was sure no one would want.

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