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Home and Garden June 11, 2014 at 5:08 pm

Disposing of Cooking Oil

I’m curious to know the proper procedure for disposing of cooking oil in the District. An anonymous resident in my building periodically leaves a big jug of cooking oil next to the dumpster, which eventually leaks/attracts rodents. I thought it would need to be taken to Ft. Totten Transfer station, but the DC water website says to “Pour all cooking oil and grease from pots and pans into a covered waste grease container and recycle or dispose of in the trash.”(http://www.dcwater.com/wastewater/fats_oils_and_grease_program.cfm)

I’ve tried reaching out to DPW, but no response yet. So can I just throw this gallon jug of oil in the trash? Seems weird.

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Throwing grease in the trash is pretty much universally the typical procedure, in my apartment they requested that you collect it in the freezer then throw the frozen brick in with the trash right before you take it out if there’s a large quantity. Your neighbor definitely shouldn’t be leaving it outside the dumpster regardless because that’s gross and inconsiderate of others. They’re probably just too lazy to heave it into the dumpster. You’re fine throwing it in there.

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