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Other February 12, 2012 at 11:35 am

Dispose Properly of An American flag

Dear Pop:  Does anyone know if there are any local organizations that accept worn American flags.  Apparently the only other alternative to properly disposing of a worn flag is by burning–which I cannot do.  Appreciate anyone’s advice.

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There is nothing in US law or tradition that says you can only dispose of a flag by burning.  The letter and spirit of the law is that any “dignified means” of disposal is acceptable.  What “dignified” means is really up to the individual.
Respect for the ideals of America does not necessarily require going to the urban-legendish ritualistic extremes of flag lore that we’ve all heard about.  

Wow Zenga. What an extremely unhelpful answer.
Shumba, I would start with the AMVETS. There are six local posts in DC and their contact information can be found at http://amvets.org/dc.html. I’m certain they will be happy to assist you and will likely volunteer to send someone to pick the flag up from you if you cannot get it to them. My grandfather was involved in his AMVETS Post and took part in flag disposal ceremonies. I can assure you, the AMVETS take it quite seriously and don’t consider their efforts extreme or to be based on urban legends.

E-rich  Thanks so much I will give Amvets a try. Very helpful.

Some fire stations collect used flags and dispose of them properly – Not sure about those in DC, but if AMVETS falls through it might be worth a few calls…

I’ve also heard of burial as an acceptable form of disposal. 

I recall from scouting days that it is acceptable/respectable to bury an American flag.


burning is a perfectly acceptable method of disposing a no longer usable flag

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