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Home and Garden June 10, 2014 at 6:32 pm

Dispose of a window a/c unit

I just got a frosty and energy efficient new window unit for my condo living room. The old one is sitting on the living room floor while I figure out how to dispose of it responsibly. I understand that I cannot get a bulk pick up from DPW since I am in a multifamily building. In order to take it to the Fort Totten transfer station, DPW says I would need to have the Freon removed. PEPCO does not do refrigerator and air conditioner pick up in DC, like they do in Maryland. I used a junk removal service before to get rid of an air conditioner, but I had other bulk items to get rid of that time to make the minimum pickup ($99, if I recall) worth it. How have others gotten rid of old window units? Does anyone know a reasonably priced pick up service, a scrap yard type place or even a place to get Freon removed so that I can take it to Fort Totten?


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