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Other February 7, 2012 at 2:07 am

did you lose a white/biege dog?


After the little guy gave me several scares weaving in and out of the street on a multi-block chase, I was able to grab a terrier/mutt looking dog out on his own and with no tags. He was pretty scared, filthy, and stinky, but there are tons of nasty puddles in the neighborhood alleys; it’s entirely possible he wasn’t out for very long to get into that condition. Dude’s warm, fed, and bathed. Please try my cell at 812.320.4300 if you know him/are his owner.

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Have you found this guy’s home yet? I’ve seen signs for a missing poodle terrier mix that is white and beige – the missing dog’s name is Winston and I’ve seen the signs on Otis Place (between Holmead and 10th) and at the intersection of Kansas and 13th. Winston looks taller than this dog, though. This dog is so cute – I hope his family finds him!

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