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Topic: Did DC taxis raise their rate again?

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Did DC taxis raise their rate again?

I was in a cab coming back from Reagan on Sunday and the base price was $3.25 and the extra fee was $2.75 (I know $2.50 is the airport fee, but that leaves $0.25 extra).

I looked over at the fare sticker and it looked brand new.. on the top is said Effective June 1, 2013. It said the base fare was actually $3.25 and there was a $0.25 fee for the 1st passenger and the $1 fee for additional passengers was brought back.

Was this a fake sticker? I can’t find any other info on the fare hikes.
http://dctaxi.dc.gov/node/310182 still has the old fares.

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Based on two minutes of googling, it seems like the fare increase is tied to the installation of the new taxi meters (that accept credit cards, etc.) It seems like they keep changing the timetable for when taxis have to have them, but it seems like starting June 1 2013, once cabs install them they can charge the new fares. Then again I can’t seem to find any definitive current statement about fares anywhere, so who knows. But here is the press release (from May) that I found:


thanks! guess i had to google harder

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