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Dermatologist recommendations

You guys helped me out with a good optometrist recommendation, so now I’m back asking if you have any recommendations for dermatologists in the DC or Alexandria area?

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If you need to go to get a mole checked, Dr Ali Hendi in Chevy Chase is really good. his website is mohssurgerymd dot com. He’s not a general dermatologist, but maybe his office could recommend one if that’s what you need.


Vincenzo Giannelli. 2440 M St NW.

Dr. Todd Perkins or Dr. Edward Stollar, 1712 I Street NW, +1 (202) 659-2223.  I see Perkins.  He’s in his mid 40s.  Stollar is older

Dr. Chang from Integrated Dermatology was fantastic, and I’d highly recommend her. (2141 K ST NW,


I second Perkins and Stoller.  They are really good. (and Dr. Perkins is easy on the eyes, I am told).

Dr. DeWitt at . I just went on Weds, and I swear, it was the happiest doctors office I’ve ever been to. Dr and RN were supper helpful and encouraged me to ask questions (I’d never been to a derm before). Easily located at 24 and M. The website says they do cosmetic dermatology, but they do much more.

Her office is technically just outside of DC (Chevy Chase), but Dr. Emily Porter Gerson is fantastic:

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