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Life and Society October 19, 2012 at 9:58 am

Dept. of Public Works Violation

I got a $75 violation in the mail because my “solid waste containers out for collection at wrong time or place”.  The accompanying picture is just silly, my containers are out in front of my parking pad, somehow very neatly lined up in a way that is unnatural, and unlikely something we would have done.  Not to mention that this has to be a pretty small offense in an otherwise ridiculous alley.
Has anyone else ever gotten one of these and has anyone else every contested one?

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Are you saying 1) that you didn’t leave your cans in the alley on a non-pickup day, or 2) admitting that you did, but areguing that you shouldn’t have to pay a fine for it?

Both.  We generally leave our cans side by side against the fence and that has never been a problem.  I’ve never put my cans like that (one in front of the other) in front of the driveway, so I’m not sure what is happening here or how that happened.
This fine also seems to be excessive. My cans are not taking up any sort of excessive space in the alley or blocking anything but my parking pad.  It’s wholly possible all the alley infractors were fined, but there is generally much much worse than this.

I have not gotten a ticket. (I wish they would come ticket the people who leave the lidless, mosquito breeding supercan obstacle course in my alley.) But a friend of mine who live in the NE said he has received several. I don’t think he protested. Did you know that the inspectors are going around tying the cans by serial number to the addresses, and ticketing for people whose cans were taken to another property and then left in violation?

No I didn’t, but I kinda wish that happened sooner.  Someone stole my good can with the lid and left me with their lidless can.  Awesome.  And they won’t replace them.  Costs $60 I think to get a new one.  I’m just careful to not let it collect water.

I challenged a ticket for solid waste. Got the fine down to $25, even though it took them 14 months to rule lol.
I still learned my lesson, $25 was plenty to teach the lesson. I recommend admit with explanation, say you understand you made a mistake, and will work hard to be a better neighbor moving forward. Assuming that is true. Otherwise, you got caught, pay the fine, and hope you dont get caught again.

Is there any way to look up (via serial number?) the cans you have to see if they’re correctly assigned? Ours have been there since we bought the house, but they were all there long before that, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them were assigned elsewhere originally.
As to the OP … $75 seems a little high, but only a little. I’m so sick of the many cans perpetually in our alley that make getting in and out of parking pads difficult and contribute to the “let trash fall in the alley” attitude that seems pervasive. I have some neighbors that move their trash back and forth, but the recycline always stays in the alley. Weird.
Varies quite a bit from alley to alley. In some any can at all is a big imposition on neighbors. In others it doesn’t matter in the least …


I just received the same ticket and got fined for one with no lid. Those cans have been in the same places since I bought the house over a year and ago. I always see cans line the alley in DC I thought it was the norm. I’ve lived here all of my life. $75 is way too much for a 1st offender. I called to find out about the can with no lid 3 times and didn’t get a return call from DPW to find out who’s can it is. Of course no return call so I told them to remove it and its still here. I’m fighting the tickets and I’ve got fines for leaving and old dresser on the sidewalk when I first bought the house. I fought and beat that ticket. I pick up trash everyday since I bought this house they need to pay me…lol I’m trying to figure out where can you leave the can because its in my backyard now and it’s attracting all types of animals.


Last year I received a notice, not a fine, for my cans being left in the alley past 6pm after collection day.  The DPW ticket person failed to notice all the cans in the alley were full and left in the alley because their garbage truck failed to pick up the trash.  Surprisingly an email to DDOT resolved the issue quickly.


The dresser wasn’t mine. I just bought the house and I was out of town. I came home seen the dresser and got rid of it. Month letter a certified letter from DPW ����

Question: Where are these rules published? & Is that location easy to find by your average joe & is the language easy to understand? (I got fined once when I was new to the city, and it all sounds ridiculous. I understand why they have these rules, but what if you don’t get home till after 6 pm on collection day?)

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