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Food and Dining July 16, 2012 at 1:18 pm

Delivery from Local Farms

Hi!  A friend from out of state was telling me about a local farmer’s cooperative in her area that delivers a box to her house each week with a variety of local produce (based on whatever is in season).  Does anyone know if something similar exists in our area among the VA farms – or participate in a local Farm Club they would recommend?  I know there are a lot of farmer’s markets out there this time of year, but just looking for another way to buy local.  Thanks!  

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Check out that sources from local farms when available. You can have the option of choosing a box every week, the benefit being if you are out of town you don’t pay for it. You can also choose to exclude items if you don’t like them.

I’ve used Washington’s Green Grocer before, and while they’re really convenient, not all their produce is local (especially in the colder months).  I joined the Dragonfly Farms CSA last year and picked up a weekly box in Capitol Hill, though they have other locations.  You pay for the whole season.  It works out to about $45 a week, but there was more than enough produce for myself and two roommates, so it was a great deal for us.

If you search the site and the forums for CSA you’ll get several hits. It’s a little late in the season to join one, but some may still have shares available at a pro-rated rate. Most have a weekly pickup spot, but some do deliver. has a relatively comprehensive list.
Unfortunately ours had to cancel the entire season this year. 🙁 We just went with WWG because they’re reliable, and since we still haven’t received our refund and it was so late, we couldn’t get in with another CSA.


I’m a member of Radix Farm CSA, which drops off in Mt. Pleasant and Petworth.  I highly recommend it, but it’s probably too late to sign up for it yet this year.
I get milk delivered from South Mountain Creamery; they deliver other local products like honey, cheese, meat, etc.
Another (much more expensive) option is Arganica.

I love Star Hollow Farm Their CSA part is full, but they have a farmers market on Saturdays in Adams Morgan from 9am-12 or the food runs out.

We joined Earth Spring Farm’s CSA this year and love it! Great quality, pretty good variety, and pick-up is just a block from our house.  We’ll definitely be joining it next year, too.


See this page from the National Agricultural Library for all you ever wanted to know about Community  Supported Agriculture (CSA):
I order “From the Famer,” and I absolutely adore it.  They do their D.C. dropoff on Thursday mornings, between 4am and 7am- to your house! No drop off location, restrictive hours, etc. You can choose your own deliverly schedule, I choose to get it every other week.  They are very nice, super responsive.  They send an email the night before letting you know what will be in your basket the next day!  This morning I received sweet corn, peaches, heirloom tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, okra, and bib lettuce 🙂 

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