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Events November 25, 2015 at 5:12 pm

Define President Obama's climate legacy

The international climate negotiations in Paris are happening now, and it’s clear that world leaders are not going to reach an agreement sufficient to avert the climate crisis.

That’s no surprise. How can they, when President Obama – the leader of the country most responsible for the problem – has only committed the U.S. to do one-fifth of our fair share?

On December 11th, the international climate summit in Paris will come to a close. And on December 12, we must take to the streets to respond. We’re counting on you to make that happen – but time is running out. We need all hands on deck NOW!

Join us at the White House on December 12th at 11 am! RSVP at

Paris provides us with an opportunity to show that Americans demand more! This is our chance to make it clear that we’re angry about President Obama’s failure of climate leadership — and we need to do it loudly!

We know this can work. By taking to the streets, activists like you stopped the Keystone XL pipeline. Now we need take to the streets again to demand that the U.S. do its fair share on climate change. We need to accept nothing less than drastic emissions reductions and international climate finance. This fight is too important for us to lose.

Not everyone has the courage to stand up and demand the climate deal we need. In fact, only a few of us will at first. That’s why you are so important – and why we need your leadership.

Help build the bold climate movement we need. Join us on December 12th!


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