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Home and Garden February 19, 2013 at 2:44 pm

Deep cleaning service after mouse-infestation?

I live in an English basement apartment that has been absolutely beseiged by mice since Thanksgiving. We’ve tried everything from patching up holes (steel wool) to snap traps and a multitude of different kill/live traps to sonic deterrants (useless). Unfortunately getting a mouse is out of the question and the dog is utterly unconcerned with the new housemates. We’ve killed at least six but like whack-a-mole, other kept popping up to replace them.
Our landlords *finally* got someone in to move the fridge and oven and even put in molding above the cabinets to seal the space between the cabinets and the ceiling. 
So now it’s to the clean up. My bf is concerned about the diseases mice can carry so and did some research on the web. Apparently, we’re not supposed to be sweeping/vacuuming up the droppings because that can send any possible viruses into the air. Windows and doors should be opened to air the place out, then bleach and water (1:10) sprayed on all droppings/urine, left to soak for a while and then cleaned with paper towels.
I’d really like to get a professional cleaning team into do a major deep clean done but can’t find anything online. I’ve searched the web, Angie’s List and Yelp and while there are plenty of housecleaning services out there, I can’t find any that specifies deep cleaning/disenfecting after a rodent infestation. Any one out there have any recommendations? We’re pretty desparate!

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I know someone in my former condo used servpro after a fire.  Give them a call.

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