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Home and Garden September 11, 2012 at 6:06 pm

Deck washing and staining

Any recommendations for someone to power wash and stain 2 decks in Shaw?  Both are 19′ x 5′. Thanks for any leads!

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This doesn’t directly answer your question but washing and staining a deck isn’t too terribly difficult if you think you can do it yourself.

I scrubbed and stained my deck of similar size in the spring in a weekend! Great workout and I could use the money I saved on that for the landscaping project of my edible garden!

We recently hired a general handyman do deal with flood issues (mold, drywall, paint) as well as general house repairs which included powerwashing our two decks. He is awesome! He has since been back to do more work – he is now our go to guy for anything to do with the house. 
Carl’s Home Improvement  (202) 486-2461

I bought a pressure hose/wand sort of thing at Home Depot for around $30.00.  You don’t want a real kick-ass pressure washer for a wood deck anyway, and this was just right.  Then just hired a local handyman odd-job guy for $40.00 to slap on the waterproofing.

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