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Deck renovation

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I’m looking at tearing down my rusty, steel backyard deck and replacing it with a wooden deck. Anyone done something similar to remove/add a (small) deck? Any advice on possible contractors and cost estimates would be appreciated!

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Try Kremer Construction. They do a lot of home repair and handyman stuff in Petowrth.

Thank you!

We’d love to come out and take a look! Check out our website ( and Facebook page ( Hope to hear from you soon.

– Zach

If you call “Community Forklift” they will probably take away your metal deck for free and haul it away.

Hi I’m Joseph & a runner living in Petworth.
My house is 137 Varnum, basically 2nd & Varnum,
a block from the Hitching Post & The old Soldiers Home.

Be great to have an early am running partner, Monday, Wednesdays & Fridays are good mornings for me, possibly weekends. Could start as early as 6:30am or s late as 7:30, possibly 8am. My pace is moderate, 8-10 minute miles. I don’t mind running slower, just having a partner to meet is a big help in getting out the door! – joe

Joseph Reo LMT Wk/Cell 202 321-3790
[email protected]
5225 Wisconsin Ave NW Suite 305 WA, DC 20015
(Red line, across from Friendship Heights Metro, Jennifer St. exit)

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