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Home and Garden April 2, 2013 at 1:42 pm

Decent internet service?

Why, oh why, are all of my internet connections so damn slow?  Surely someomne out there knows more about this than I do.  We have some craptastic Verizon DSL that can’t make it through a Netflix stream without buffering.  Now we are adding a roommate who also does the streaming thing and I fear for my ongoing faith in modern technology.  I am ready to switch providers- anyone know if any provider in DC (Capitol Hill) can get markedly faster speeds than another?  We don’t have Fios available….to that, anyone know how to talk Verizon into installing a Fios line?

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Are you sure it’s your internet connection that is slow and not your wireless router (I’m assuming you have a wireless router)? Do a speed test (e.g. ) first using the wireless, and then plugged into the modem or router with a cable. If the speed is much slower through the wireless then fixing your router is all you need to do.

Also, consider increasing the speed you have? I have Verizon and can stream Netflix with no interruptions….

I have Comcast in Capitol Hill.  We pay $80/mo and our service is generally very good.  We stream a lot of movies on Amazon and AppleTV.  We are also professional photographers and upload a lot of high resolution images regularly.  I had Verizon DSL previously and it was so painfully slow. 

I haven’t checked the speed on the router, though I probably should.  W do have two Verizon routers, though, and neither seems to work any better.  Maybe that’s the issue, are the Verizon routers just bad devices?  We are paying for the higher speed plan.  Mostly I am just itred of dealing with Verizon.  Glad to hear Comcast is better.   Anyone use DC Access?  They have the best reviews on Yelp- though only 15 of them….


Had Verizon and it was awful, would just stop working all together for hours (and once days) at a time, but their customer service people told me they had no record of a problem or interruption of service. Total garbage.
I’m with Clear now and it’s okay, but not great. Wish my building would wire for Comcast.

I’ve had DC Access for about six months and am really pleased so far. The installation guy was quick and tidy and customer service (the little I’ve needed it) has been great. And their office is in SE—yay local! The 1.5Mbps/512kbps speed ($35 per month) seems to be working just fine for streaming movies and music and basic internet stuff. Occasionally I’ve had slow moments with movies, but I do live in a basement and haven’t updated my computer since 2007, so that might have more to do with the problem than the internet provider. 
So yeah, if all you need is internet and you live in Capitol Hill/H Street or Adams Morgan, my vote goes to DC Access. 

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