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Topic: Decent Chinese delivery to Mt. Pleasant?

Food and Dining February 1, 2013 at 5:09 pm

Decent Chinese delivery to Mt. Pleasant?

City Lights and then Meiwah used to be our choices, but both have gone seriously downhill.  I saw the Great Wall recommendations a couple of months ago, but when we tried to order from them they just said “we don’t deliver there” and hung up on us.  Anybody have an alternative?  (We’re specifically looking for delivery, not a suggestion to go to Rockville or Fairfax – we get that, but with a newborn infant sometimes the food will need to come to us.)

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We ordered from Peking Garden the other night. It was pretty good. Not at all greasy (which is what we judge by). They’re at 2008 18th St., NW and delivered to us in Mt. Pleasant. 202-588-0088. – btw – congrats on the baby! 

There used to be a place called Blue Diamond on 18th and Florida Ave. NW, not sure if they are still there, though.

Mr. Chen’s on Conn in Woodley.  They deliver to us in Petworth.

Second for Mr. Chen’s they deliver in the Mt. P/Columbia Heights area.  Best I’ve found in DC outside of Mei Wah (not that I’m an expert or anything).  Plus they have online delivery so you don’t even have to call in and can use a credit card easily!

Within Mt. P, Adam Express is mostly Korean but has some Chinese dishes, and it’s excellent.

Agreed on the quality of City Lights going downhill – it’s been bad for several years now.  Seemed to get worse when they jacked up their prices.  Wonder if the one in Bethesda is still good.
North Sea at 18th and Columbia is surprisingly good.  I’ve tried Peking Garden and don’t really get the love.  Haven’t tried Chalin’s (the former Charlie Chiang’s) in Van Ness – any opinions?

They do not deliver, but Mayflower right on Mount Pleasant Street is pretty good.
You can call your order in and then pick it up.

Thanks, everyone.  Love Adam Express by the way – calling ahead is key.

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