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Governement and Politics March 29, 2013 at 3:08 pm

DC’s Office of Administrative Hearings

Months ago, stuff was dumped on the grass in front of my house.  At a neighbor’s advising I called 311 to report.  I took down a case #.  A month later, I get a notice of violation on my front door for ‘failure to maintain abutting public space.”  Unfortunately I had misplaced the case number.  When I called 311 to retrieve, they claimed to have no proof of it.  I didn’t think I should pay the fine, so I requested a hearing which is now scheduled for next month.  Any advice on how to handle? 

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OAH was pretty casual when I went through it.  It’s set up for individuals to represent themselves regarding ticky-tack violations like this one.
You could try calling 311 again for the number – what did you report, illegal dumping?  That said, I suspect the judge will credit your claim to have called 311 even if you don’t have a record of it. 
You can always plead for leniency as well – you can admit the violation and seek a reduction in the maximum fine.  But do that after presenting the most compelling case of “it wasn’t me” first.

EveryBlock used to keep track of 311 services. Depending on how long ago you called it in, you could try searching your address with the phrase “illegal dumping” to see if there’s a cache of the record on EveryBlock.

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