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Home and Garden March 25, 2014 at 3:38 pm

DC Water vs Homeowner Responsibility

We recently had our main sewer line inspected with a camera, and it showed a notable belly (9′ in length) that has been causing recurring backups. We were advised to seek a contractor to replace that line.

In my attempts to get quotes to rectify the issue, one company has stated as its within 15′ of the curb (and he looked up my property line info), that if it was indeed in that 15′ area, it would fall to DC Water to rectify the belly.

Is this accurate? The belly was identified as going under the sidwalk so it’s definitely in the public space. It is an urgent matter for us as it’s causing frequent backups.

Any advice would be great. This company has offered to come out, camera again, mark the belly, and call it into DC Water. That said, I dont want to spend that money for this service if DC Water is just going to kick it back to me anyways.

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