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DC Trash and Recycling Cans

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I bought a house in DC about a month ago and other than the hassle of moving, so far, so good. However, the house did not have trash or recycling cans when we moved in. I tried for a week to call DPW and no one ever answered the phone and the voicemail box was full. I gave up with that approach and just paid $110 for new trash cans online. I received an automated receipt confirming my payment and saying I’d receive cans in 5-7 days. It’s now been two weeks since that payment and I still have no trash or recycling cans.

Can anyone make any suggestions for how to actually get trash/recycling cans in DC? I’ve e-mailed my ANC rep with no response. I’ve emailed my council-member’s constituent services person with no response. I’ve called 311 and was transferred to “solid waste” who took my information and said they’d call me back. Of course they didn’t.

At this point I’m getting quite tired of piling up trash outside (which obviously attracts vermin) and am in disbelief it’s this hard to get a trash can and a bit terrified about ever needing anything else if obtaining a trash can is this difficult.

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Yes, you can order trash and recycle bins online here: https://dc311.secure.force.com/
Submit a new service request and scroll through the list to find “Trash Cart Delivery” or “Recycling Cart Delivery”. I suggest you register for a new account so you can track the status of your ticket.

Then you will get instructions (in ticket status or email) to send in a check for the cost to the Treasurer. As soon as they get the check, you will get the bins delivered to your pick up location at the next scheduled pick up.

Hello, first welcome to DC.
Here’s an alternative suggestion. Ask the forum if anyone has an extra trash (green) or recycle (blue) can you can use. The city delivered new rolling cans right before an election, there are still many, many extras around the city.
Another alternate. Drive to the Ft Totten trash transfer station, that’s one place the previous cans were at (ask if there’s one you can have). & dump current trash while there.
Otherwise, yes they will just show up one day, that was my experience 2.5 yrs ago.

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