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Travel and Transportation January 5, 2012 at 5:51 am

DC Taxi Lost & Found successes?

Has anyone ever been reunited with an item left in a cab through the DC Taxicab Commission’s Lost and Found?  
I realized Sunday afternoon that I had dropped my wallet in a cab as I got out at 4:00 Sunday morning, but unfortunately have no idea what cab company it was (hailed on Mass Ave), and there was nothing in the wallet with my address or home or work contact info.  I emailed all the details I could – item description, time and place of dropoff, my contact info – to the Taxicab Commission Lost and Found Sunday afternoon, then called late Tuesday, but no word yet. 
I’ve already set about replacing credit and ATM cards, and almost stopped kicking myself for carrying the full usual contents that night in the first place (including about $150 in gift cards I doubt I’ll ever see again). But I’m trying to remain optimistic that my wallet will turn up in the next few days, or eventually, and would appreciate hearing success stories from others – assuming anyone has any, that is…
And if anyone runs across a stray pink glitter vinyl wallet, please let me know…

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I left my cell phone in a cab once on a Saturday night. Tried for three days to contact the Taxicab Commission lost and found via email/phone after they opened again on Monday. With little success, I finally went down to the building itself and filed a report. Nothing ever came of it, even though the website says cab drivers are required to turn in anything they find. Best of luck to you, but I’d bet your wallet is long gone. 

I agree with the other commenter.  Nothing will come of it.  I’ve lost two wallets (each with ID and other identifiers) in the span of three years here in the district.  First time, I sent an email and phoned the Commission, but nothing came of it, since they said I didn’t know the cab number or anything to identify it.  Second time, I realized right as I closed the car door of the taxi.  Could get the driver to see me, but got his license as he pulled away, but again no luck.

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