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Governement and Politics May 19, 2012 at 7:14 pm

DC Losing Tax Check

Does anyone have experience with Washington, D.C. gov’t losing your tax check. I mailed mine in on time (little over a month ago) and have yet to see it deposited. Are they just incredibly slow? Thanks.

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Still waiting on DC to cash the check for my unincorporated business tax return. Interestingly enough, we received our refund for our d-40 last week which were both mailed on the 17th.

Yes, mine never showed up and after calling them and then the bank over and over, I finally figured out that they had entered my routing number incorrectly into the system. Eventually, the deposit was kicked back and they mailed a check. 

Yes and yes.  They are slow, but I did also once have them not deposit my check for months and then assess a penalty.  I sent them copies of my cancelled US and NY tax checks (consecutive numbers, dated the same day, deposited months earlier) and they reversed the penalty.

I assume you’re asking about receiving a refund?  This is my first year to file a DC return.  I submitted mine electronically via Turbotax with my federal return (as I have for the past 10 years) and received a letter in the mail stating the DC Office of Tax and Revenue can’t verify my SSN and that I have to provide them with a letter verifying my SSN from the Social Security Administration.  Which, of course, requires a physical visit to the SSA office that is only open during the week between 9-3:30.  Interesting how the IRS has accepted my returns, including this year’s, without any problems, yet the DC tax office is requiring me to jump through hoops while they sit on my refund.

I know this isn’t much help now, but honestly this is why I always mail my tax payment to DC with some kind of delivery confirmation so I can prove that they received it. I’d rather pay a little extra to do that and have the peace of mind than worry when they haven’t cashed it. That said, in my experience they can sometimes be very slow about cashing checks.

Absolutely.  DC Tax & Revenue lost my tax check and caused me to go through literally a 2 year ordeal, with my federal tax return being garnished a year later because the idiots again screwed up when they updated the system after we paid the second time.  What a nightmare.

FYI, DC cashed my check yesterday. Perhaps yours is any day now too!

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