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General Discussion June 27, 2012 at 12:49 pm

DC Flag Tatoos?


I’m curious — what’s with all the DC flag tatoos?  Are the reprensenting a particular point of view?

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I think these people really really like DC. That’s why I’m getting mine.

I had never considered getting one, until this year. My first choice would be the DC flag. My reasons – I like the symmetry. Very uncanny, yet simple. Plus, I went through some important moments here in DC, so it will be an excellent…memento too 🙂 

This article may be of interest (disclaimer: haven’t read the whole thing) http://www.washingtonian.com/blogs/capitalcomment/local-news/dc-flag-tattoo-day-does-it-matter-if-youre-not-punk.php

Let’s not discount that it’s also just a plain and simple awesome flag.  So much so that it was voted (by the North American Vexilological Association) best flag of any American city: http://www.nava.org/Flag%20Design/city_survey.htm.  And for us states rights folk, it was voted 8th best flag amongst states, territories and providences (included Canada): http://www.nava.org/Flag%20Design/State&Provincial%20Survey%202001/surveyresults.htm.

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