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Sports and Fitness January 2, 2013 at 11:54 am

Dance Classes – Hip/Hop?

I’m looking to find a dance studio that is friendly and enjoyable.  I’m not that great (but it’s so fun, and I want to get back into it!) so I’m looking for a place that is inviting, and I won’t feel judged for my skill level.
Style of dance would be something along the lines of hip/hop or street jazz – something choreographed to top 40 music.  I took a cardio dance class in another city that was a blast but haven’t been able to find something similar here.
A dance studio around Dupont, AdMo, Columbia Heights, Cleveland Park, or U street would be preferable but I’m open to other options. 
Thanks for your help!

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The Dance Institute of Washington in Columbia Heights has a drop-in hip hop class for adults on Monday evenings, I think. You can also buy a discount card to attend multiple classes.

I’ll second the Dance Institute recommendation. Also check out Joy of Motion classes and (a bit further) DC Dance Collective.


I like Joy of Motion. I go to the one on H St NE but they have other locations as well, and tons of class options of all levels.

I think the Dance Place also offers hip-hop classes, but it’s in Brookland.
Joy of Motion is reputable.

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