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Lifestyle and Entertainment January 6, 2015 at 12:18 pm

Cutting the cable cord, looking for advice

RCN has informed me that my cable bill will be going up another $20 (so for internet/cable bundle it’s up to $180, that’s obnoxious!). I just have 1 tier over basic, no premium channels. Not a movie watcher but a Caps and NE Patriots fan. I have an old TIVO (III) and an LED tv but not a smart tv so would need something to push internet to TV and then possibly get an antenna? I see FIOS is actually available in my building so that’s an option. What do others use/recommend?

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If you call RCN and cancel, they’ll call you back within a day offering you a better deal, usually one of the promotional new customer rates or better.

I cut the cable TV and am now using a mix of Roku/Antenna so my bill for just internet is around $40 for 100 Mbps. In DC you can pick up quite a few HD stations via antenna

DC_Guy is spot on. Also currently using Roku/antenna combo. You’ll be able to get any of the normal broadcast channels, but will likely miss out on some live sports. You may want to look into (from Dish) when it is publicly available.

Based on what I’ve seen, RCN will still be the cheapest if you choose to just keep internet. (I actually wish that RCN serviced my neighborhood. My only options are XFINITY and FIOS, both of which are more expensive.)

I have antenna and Clear hotspot (internet most of the time and it does stream on my smart tv). You can find a clear hotspot on ebay. The service is now through Sprint. Its $55/mo total. No contract. Friendly tech support.

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