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Topic: Custom bed frames and/or where to do DIY projects?

Real Estate April 19, 2013 at 1:14 pm

Custom bed frames and/or where to do DIY projects?

I am moving to DC this summer, and I fully expect the following two things: 1) living (happily) in a small condo/apartment and 2) to try to get creative in how I put together my new place. Despite my limited experience, I am very interested in do it yourself type projects because I think they will be fun and rewarding (and frustrating), and having custom furniture is probably the best way to go when choosing to live in a small area. Here’s the problem though: how the hell do you complete DIY projects when you have limited space? Are there garages you can temporarily rent where you can do sanding, painting, store materials, etc.? Maybe even a place where you could rent tools, too?
If this is infeasible for larger projects, is there someone or a place that is willing to make custom furtniture? In particular, I have an idea for a bed frame, so even somebody that specializes in that particular project would be a very good start for me. Thanks for your help!

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It’s pretty impractical if you don’t have the space (or are not willing to live in your workspace, which is doable) or the tools.  If you’re asking about space to rent, living in a construction zone is probably not something you’re interested in.  You can rent tools at Frager’s (not cheap), but by the time you do that and buy all the materials, it will cost you way more than IKEA furniture, which, while not the best quality, is designed for small spaces.  Buying custom furniture is also not cheap.
But, if it’s something that you’re interested in anyway, rent the tools at Frager’s, rent a storage locker (you can do work there, right? There’s always weird stuff going on in storage lockers in the CSI/Law & Order shows), and go to town.  Pay attention to ALL items on your budget, including paint, paint brushes, hardware, screws, etc (in addition to the tool rental, space rental, and car rental), and see if it makes sense.  You may also be interested in IKEA hacks:

I live in a tiny apartment (328 sq feet) and have a regular sized bed, sofa, coffee table, bookcase (2), and vanity, plus a few side tables. One just needs to be creative about decorating.

You can try the Woodworkers club in Rockville.  They have classes, and you can rent time in their shop.  

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