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General Discussion March 21, 2014 at 11:44 am

Creative Rehearsal Space in Petworth?

I have a small theater company that is producing a play this summer in a Petworth bar. We would love to keep the rehearsals in Petworth as well so the cast and crew will learn the neighborhood and frequent the bars. I’m looking for creative suggestions for free or reasonably priced rent-able spaces (unfortunately, my house is not quite big enough). Anyone have any ideas?

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There’s a large room in the basement of the Petworth Library that might be suitable – no idea when or whether it’s available for such use, but it’s there.

the library is a great space, but closes promptly at 9pm and we need to be able to go until 10pm. 🙁

10pm? Oof, that might severely limit your options. Anyone in your group a churchgoer in the neighborhood? Many churches have a large room or two that they use for gatherings and parties and such. Anyone in your group have an in at a local school? Public schools may not be an option but private or charter schools possibly.

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