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General Discussion October 4, 2012 at 12:40 pm

Cool Sticker at U St.

I was passing U St. & 13 St. the other night and saw this sticker on the sign. I think it is a really cool representation of the DMV and want to get my hands on one if possible. Do anyone know anything about it or where to get one?

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MVA = Motor vehicles association
DMV = Department of motor vehicles
What is with these stupid acronyms for the DC area.

Cynically wondering whether the OP is the person who created the sticker and if this is an effort to get it publicity.

What is the OP?
This sticker has been there for a while, just decided to post it today because I really want one, haha. I think it’s cool because DC rocks, I am a Terp and I from Va.

I get that the sticker has the D.C. flag for D.C., and the University of Maryland “M” and “Terps” for the University of Maryland… but what’s with the “VA”? The typeface doesn’t look distinctive to me, but I don’t live in Virginia so maybe I wouldn’t recognize it anyway.

Haha no I definitly didn’t make this sticker. Yeah I agree that the VA is kinda boring, it dosen’t look familiar to me. 

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