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contractor for built-in bookshelves

My husband and I have been looking to put built-in bookshelves around our fireplace and have had the hardest time finding a reliable contractor.  We’ve had three different people come by the house and have yet to receive a single estimate.
Does anyone have any recommendations of good and reliable contractors who are familiar with designing and building built-in bookshelves?
Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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I did a search for carpenters/built-in experts on this site and ended up going with one of the names given.  We went with Philippe Mougne (phmougne at yahoo).  He built a lovely bookcase/tv cabinet next to our fireplace over the course of about 3 days.  He helped us keep the costs low by recommending that we order the cabinet doors online (much cheaper than having him make them) and letting us paint the whole thing ourselves.  One tip: make sure all parties understand the drawings and plans completely and agree on a set price beforehand.   Another tip: we had several carpenters come by before we settled on Philippe, and some of them had very good ideas and suggestions for how to tweak our original concept (4 cabinet doors instead of 2, etc).  We borrowed their good ideas, and just gave them to Philippe to execute.  Mark at Victory Design and Woodworking had good ideas and another company (that I am searching for in my archives and can’t find!) of two women out of Silver Spring (they were mentioned on PoP!) had great ideas – they really know their stuff – but everyone was much more expensive than Philippe.  We know we made the “budget” choice with Philippe, but we really are happy with the outcome – lots of display and storage space in our little rowhouse without a big, heavy, clunky piece of furniture.  Good luck!

We used Howard Wheeler to fix our built in and he was fantastic – he’s a full time fed, part time carpenter and it’s a real passion of his (wants it to be his second career). 
He was well priced.  It took a little time since he has a full time job, but he used excellent materials and is very creative.  I’ve recommend him to several people.  Howard Wheeler – [email protected] 

We used Jed Dinger ( to build in a reading nook into one of our bays. Well thought-out design that gives us exactly what we wanted from the space without seeming an overly heavy addition to the room. It was really fine craftsmanship and well worth the cost. He built everything in his shop and installed it in a single day. The install took a day because he scribed everything perfectly to the wonky floors/walls of our old house.

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