Contemplating bringing a new boutique to DC… Where is the perfect spot?

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Topic: Contemplating bringing a new boutique to DC… Where is the perfect spot?

Business July 4, 2012 at 2:32 am

Contemplating bringing a new boutique to DC… Where is the perfect spot?

For the past ten years we have owned a great little boutique in another part of the country and have had lots of folks ask us to consider DC for expansion. We market in Los Angeles and carry a broad mix of clothing with dresses from emerging designers for $35 to established lines you would only see at Neiman Marcus, Cusp or Urban Chic at around $350… Our sweet spot is great sundresses and going out dresses for less than $100. We bring in new shipments daily and in a given week may have as many as 100 new styles. Most customers are between 18-35. Where should this Store find its DC Home? 
Ideally want 900-1200ft with placement near complentary business…

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Barracks Row/Eastern Market!  We need more retail :(.  The only clothing boutique nearby caters to an older crowd.  There was recently a pop-up boutique at the Tabula Rasa event space.  I wasn’t able to go by, but you might be able to contact them to get a sense of the response they got.  Wherever you open up, I’ll be first in line.  There really isn’t a whole lot at that price point.

100% 14th Street area. This is your best spot in town!


Petworth, clearly.

Come to Petworth!  You sound like a great store anywhere in DC – once word gets out, people will come.  

I totally agree that Barracks Row/Eastern Market needs more retail so definitely consider it! I second ag11, I will be the second one in line 😉
The 14th street area is nice but there’s an Macy’s, TJ Max, H&M and Forever 21 in the area. If you do go for that area, try to go as far north of downtown as you possibly can.
Please keep us posted!

Also, in Petworth your rent will be cheaper.  Look into the retail space for rent next to Qualia Coffee.

Nobody really goes to Petworth – your best bet is Eastern Market/Barrack’s Row – rent is reasonable, LOTS of foot traffic and frankly, more ppl who will spend money.  Also a You’d be between two good Metro stops – Cap South and Eastern Market (EM) Metro – you can even garner some awareness by selling your clothes their on the weekends (google it.)  I’d suggest H Street – but at this time – you won’t get that much traffic.  To be on the forefront – you could try the new retail development in SW near the ballpark – but you’d really be a pioneer.  Good luck – we will look forward to your arrival!


Petworth might have cheaper rents but if you’re looking for great foot traffic I highly suggest 14th St., (closer to Logan Circle) Dupont Circle and Barrack’s Row.  On DCRA’s website (Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs) they have a lot of information about neighborhoods, demographics, traffic counts etc.  You can get great data of the different neighbhorhoods on their site.  Rents are high in most neighborhoods including Capital Hill but they do have foot traffic during the day compared to some other neighborhoods like H Street where most people go there for the bars/restaurants. 

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