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Home and Garden February 7, 2012 at 3:00 pm

Concrete driveway needs fixing

Does anyone have any recommendations for fixing a concrete driveway?  Mine’s only about 18 months old but it’s become seriously un-level.  I’m debating attempting a DIY fix, but concrete kind of scares me.

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I used Capital Hardscapes and they did a very good job and were pleasant to deal with.  Pricing was reasonable (not cheap, but reasonable).

Agree with Ah,
Concrete that is so seriously warped in such a short period of time was installed incorrectly. Either no grading and surface prep, or no rebar or both.
Concrete driveways should last a minimum of 15 years before they start to warp or spall.

Thanks – this is really helpful. I think I will start with the builder… I don’t get it either. It’s sinking sort of diagonally.

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