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Computers and Internet November 8, 2012 at 1:28 pm

Computer/electronics recycling

Hi everybody,
I work for a nonprofit downtown, and we recently upgraded our computer workstations. I have about 40 workstations that I need to unload; most of them are Pentium 4 OptiPlex machines that could be useful depending on the application.
In addition, we have a number of CRT monitors and other outdated/broken electronics taking up space.
My question: Is anybody familiar with services or organizations that will take them off our hands? It’s a little impractical for me to load them into my Civic and take them somewhere, so I’m hoping to find someone who will pick them up for us once the hard drives are wiped. I’ve looked into electronics recycling from companies like Waste Management but their prices are out of this world!
Thanks in advance. 

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If all else fails, post them in the free section on Craigslists – people will definitely take them.

Join the yahoo groups for freecycle dc and post them there. I imagine there are a number of schools that would love to have them.  And they will come and pick them up!


You can take them to the hazardous waste recycling day on the first Saturday of the month at Ft. Totten if the other options don’t work.

Byte Back DC – it’s a 501(c)(3) organization prividing computer literacy training to the underserved in DC.  They take donations.  I dropped off my old computer, but for so many, they may be able to do pick-up.

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