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Recreation and Sports July 6, 2012 at 6:27 pm

Columbia Heights Gym Options Besides WSC?

Anyone know of any other options for gyms/fitness centers/crossfit places besides WSC in CH?  I’m near Georgia & New Hampshire.

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balance gym by thomas circle… i realize it’s not in the hood but it’s probably only a 20 minute bike ride from where you are.  it’s way nicer and cheaper than the columbia heights wsc (i used to belong to that wsc and have been very happy with my switch to balance) – also they have a full crossfit facility there but you have to pay extra for it.  in my opinion, the 20 minute bike ride is worth it (plus you get an added work out). 

Community center at 14th and Fairmont – that’s about it.  That’s why WSC can afford to be so mediocre.

There’s a small gym in the basement of the apartment building on Mt. Pleasant & Park (beside the Argyle convenience store) that I’ve noticed. It used to be a Curves (ha!), but think I saw it changed to another gym, which probably is not females-only. Never been inside to know how it is, but space-wise obviously isn’t competing with WSC. And hear you on wanting more options for gyms in the hood. I goto the Dupont WSC because I hate the 14th st. location. 

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