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Home and Garden May 3, 2013 at 3:08 pm

Colorful Rowhome Database?

Anyone know of a site or compilation that has some of the more vibrant painted homes throughout the District? I really hate the offwhite, almost grey shade of paint used on the house we purchased, and I’m trying to decide whether to repaint or just strip away the paint that’s there leaving the exposed brick…could really use some color inspiration. The tricky thing with the house is that it’s a corner unit, so whatever color it gets painted it will stand out a lot more than others.

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I’m not familiar with any such database, but I am a fan of all the colorful houses on 12th Place NW just south of Florida. You can even check out the block on Google street view. There’s a few really fun ones on that block, though I think the beauty of the block is that all the houses seem to work well as a group.
Keep PoPville posted on what you pick! I could use some paint color inspiration too!

I don’t know if you call these vibrant, but the EYA homes are in light pastels.

Did you ever paint your house? I am currently looking for recs for a company that will not just paint but will also help with color selections. Any suggestions?

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