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Public Safety January 26, 2012 at 1:15 pm

CO Detectors installed by DCFD?

Hi PoPville,
On my way into work this morning I saw fire trucks, police cars, and a news van by 17th and P, NW.  Here is the article describing what happened (CO leak and people sent to hospital):–71882.html
At the end of the article it says DCFD will come install CO detectors for free.  Has anyone out there taken advantage of this?  If so, who did you contact at DCFD and do they provide CO detectors for purchase or do you need to already have one? 
Thanks in advance PoPville!

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I sent in a request over a year ago and never heard back. I didn’t follow-up, though.

Here’s the contact number for the free smoke/CO detector: 202-673-3331 (per this channel 9 story:

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