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Food and Dining November 16, 2012 at 9:37 am

Cleaning service

Can anyone recommend a cleaning service/maid service?  Would prefer local rather than national chain.

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I have a great housekeeper! Her name is Maria Boza and she works with her brother.  They do cleaning for me twice a month and occiasonally her brother will fix stuff around my house.  You can reach her at 240-351-3823.  There is a slight language barrier, but everything has always been communicated to understanding.


Paula at 763-807-4864. She’s a local individual and does a fantastic job. She comes by to clean our group house about once a month, and we are never disappointed.

For a service – I have used (local, and family owned) – for my own house, and the rental unit when the tenants would move out.  They are quick, they are thorough, they are prompt and pleasant – and my house smells AWESOME after they leave.  I love it!  I highly recommend. Good luck!

Green Mop is great. The staff answers emails day and night and is always responsive to requests.
When this question was posed at POP last year
Green Mop got several props. One commenter said the cleaning products Green Mop uses are chemical-based and not organic, but that’s not true. I checked out one of their cleaning bottles they left behind and it was vinegar based as they told me from the start.
Email: [email protected]

Check Ecoverde Solutions. Here is their website.

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