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Food and Dining November 16, 2012 at 9:37 am

Cleaning service

Can anyone recommend a cleaning service/maid service?  Would prefer local rather than national chain.

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I have a great housekeeper! Her name is Maria Boza and she works with her brother.  They do cleaning for me twice a month and occiasonally her brother will fix stuff around my house.  You can reach her at 240-351-3823.  There is a slight language barrier, but everything has always been communicated to understanding.


Paula at 763-807-4864. She’s a local individual and does a fantastic job. She comes by to clean our group house about once a month, and we are never disappointed.

For a service – I have used (local, and family owned) – for my own house, and the rental unit when the tenants would move out.  They are quick, they are thorough, they are prompt and pleasant – and my house smells AWESOME after they leave.  I love it!  I highly recommend. Good luck!

Check Ecoverde Solutions. Here is their website.

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